Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture

Offered Wednesday Evenings

Starting in April!!!

***Traditional Acupuncture sessions available as well!!!!

Cosmetic Acupuncture involves the use of extremely fine ORGANIC needles in specific face and body points to bring "qi" (energy) to the skin, benefiting appearance while balancing overall body health.  Wherever a needle is introduced into the body, local circulation and collagen is stimulated.  After one treatment, you can expect an immediate brightened complexion as the fresh blood and oxygen flow to the face.  For maximum results, a series of 12 treatments is recommended.


* You are using your own body's resources to heal

* Helps stimulate fibroblasts and elastin for collagen production

* Evens out dispersal of collagen (collagen produced local to needles)

* Improves hormonal balance and hormone based skin conditions 

* Helps to eliminate and reduce under eye bags

* Improves muscle tone and firmness of skin

* Promotes skin rejuvenation with increased facial circulation

* Detoxifies facial tissue and skin

* Improves lymphatic circulation in the face/body

* Increases definition in the cheeks and jawline

* Improves hydration, color, and surface of skin

* Decreases tendencies of sagging/ jowls

* Helps eliminate fine lines and diminishes wrinkles

* Reduces stress and habitual emotional expressions in the face

* Improves absorption of topical agents

* Helps eliminate puffiness and free radicals

* Has a toning and relaxing effect

* Treats dry skin and oily skin/acne

* Tightens the pores

* Brightens the eyes

* Slows aging

* Has positive effects on self- esteem

... Plus all the added effects of acupuncture (positive effects on health, energy levels, immune system, digestion, psycho-somatic benefits, etc.

Contraindications for Treatment:

* Migraine Issues/ History of Migraines

* Diabetes

* High Blood Pressure

* Issues with Bleeding and Bruising

* Pregnancy/ Actively Trying to Conceive

* Seizures/ Epilepsy

* Excess Type Tinnitus/ Dizziness

* Pituitary Issues such as Cushing's Syndrome

* Concurrent with Botox or Facelift

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